Trick r’ Treat: Plot Hole Filled

Well, Halloween has come and gone, I spent the day taking my nephew trick r’ treating, which me and my sis, bro, and their friends got back to watch one of my favorite movies, Trick r’ Treat. But the longest time something had been bothering me about the movie, a small little plot hole I’ve been trying to find an explanation for, if there was one. But luckily one of my sis’ friends might’ve figured it out for me.

First, the plot hole that’s been bugging me.



See, in Trick r’ Treat mentioned the rules of Halloween, pass out candy, wear a costume, and the best one, keep your Jack O Lantern lit. Rhonda said that the Jacks will protect you, which is why Sam killed Emma (the first victim) because she blew out her Jack and why the zombie kids from the Halloween School Bus Massacre killed Macy’s group, because Macy made the mistake of kicking the last Jack into the lake. But here’s the point. See, when Kreeg is being haunted by Sam, one of the first things he does is put lots and lots of Jack O Lanterns in front of his house. At the end of the movie, Kreeg is revealed to be the bus driver from the Halloween School Bus Massacre and the zombie kids have returned to take their revenge. But again, his whole house was covered in Jacks, why didn’t they protect Kreeg from the zombie kids?


Allow me to fill the plot hole.

My theory is, that, it only protects you if “you” yourself light the Jacks. We’re under the assumption that Emma and her husband lit the Jack outside their house, and when they blew it out, it no longer protected her. And all the Jacks at the rock quarry were lit by Rhonda, Macy, and her friends, which protected all of them. But they dropped all their Jacks for their prank, except one, which would’ve protected them if Macy hadn’t kicked it in the lake. Now here is the point, Kreeg didn’t light the Jacks outside his house, Sam did. Basically, the Jack only protects you if you light it, since Kreeg didn’t light the Jacks outside his house, he wasn’t protected.

Well, that’s my theory and I think it makes sense. God I love that movie.