Logan: Continuity Controversy UPDATED

I recently saw Logan with my brother. I wanna start by saying that it was a great movie and I loved it. In fact, I even cried. If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about. But I need to talk to you about a little thing that, everyone in the X-Men franchise seems to ignore, “continuity.”


Originally it was said that this movie was set after the “happy” future ending in Days of Future Past, where after Wolverine saved the future, all the X-Men died later on. COPOUT! But the movie seems to suggest that this story doesn’t connect with Days of Future Past. Mostly because the movie is set in 2029 (same year as the future war in Terminator might I add), but Logan in this movie says that there hadn’t been a new mutant born in 25 years, which would mean that the mutants stopped being born around the time of the first few X-Men movies, yet in the happy future of Days of Future Past, we see the Xavier school with new young mutants. The movie also had Wolverine’s samurai sword at the steel mill, which in reference to The Wolverine. Also, Apocalypse had a mid-credits scene where they had DNA from lots of mutants, including Wolverine, which hints into Logan.

Director James Mangold was quoted in saying “I don’t care about continuity.” So he’s basically saying that he wanted to do this movie with no regard to the continuity of any of the X-Men movies. But, the problem is, what’s the point. The whole point of a series is keeping the continuity in check, if you’re not gonna do that, then the movie shouldn’t be made. I mean, why not just say the mutants died five years ago, or set the movie in 2035 or something like that? If you’re not gonna follow the continuity, either make it a reboot or a retcon, but its not a retcon because they plan on making more movies. This just really ticks me off, because I love the movie, but what’s the point if it has no continuity. Same with Terminator Genisys.


I recently got into an argument with someone on YouTube regarding the X-Men franchise. In light of that heated debate, he pointed something interesting that I think makes me rectify my opinion toward Logan about it being a “continuity wreck” like I previously stated. This person pointed out that in Apocalypse Xavier said he planned on making the school for both mutants and humans, so it’s possible that the students we saw in the future ending of Days of Future Past were really humans, not mutants. So that, might explain EVERYTHING.

Though I want to say that I feel it’s still a copout that Wolverine traveled back in time to save the X-Men, and they all still die. But I’m willing to look past that. Maybe. But again, I think I can appreciate Logan a lot more.