The Thing Video Game Pitch

I have this great idea for a Thing video game. I mean, I know there’s been one, and it was pretty good. But I want something more interesting than just a game with guns. I wanna fuel on paranoia and trust like the movie is like. I really like what they did with the game Until Dawn, that was a fun game and I love the idea of your choices effecting the outcome. That could be a fun application to a video game. The hard part would be coming up with a story and the many choices you can make.

I thought of another idea that I put more work into because it doesn’t have a story. See, I had been playing the Friday the 13th game, and that game was really innovative to take the idea of the slasher movie into a video game. So this was my idea for an online multiplayer game.

The game begins with the crew at the US Outpost in Antarctica discovering the Thing and killing it. But the Thing got away as a spider-head, and imitated one of your men. One player plays as the Thing and the other players are human. As the Thing, your job is to assimilate everyone or as many people as possible before the rescue team shows up. As the humans, your job is to flush out the Thing and kill it before the rescue team shows up. As a Thing, you can assimilate other players and turn them into Things, when the players turn into Things, they have to assimilate everyone else too. The game would be in first person so you can’t see the Thing sneak up on you from behind. The hard part is to trust your friends, because one of them can be a Thing and if you kill someone who isn’t a Thing then you lose points. You can gather weapons that can give you more power over the others. You can find a test to prove who is human and who’s not, but there are very little of them around the base and you might have to use one on yourself to prove to another player that you’re not a Thing, and if someone refuses the test, then if you’re not a Thing, then you’re pretty much screwed as to why you wouldn’t take the test. If a Thing gets to it before a human does, then the Thing can make you waste it and keep your cover up to ask someone to take it. A Thing can’t stay in human form for very long, so you gotta assimilate someone quick before you expose yourself. And when you are a assimilated, even when you start the game, your clothes will be bloody and shredded on the floor, and if someone finds them then you’re possibly exposed. So as a Thing you can go into someone’s quarters, steal their clothes, shred them, cover them in blood, and plant them somewhere to frame someone. You can sneak up on people to assimilate people, but they can break free like in the Friday the 13th game, and then you’re pretty much exposed if they break free. If you do get exposed, you can escape as a spider-head and try to assimilate someone else, but it might be hard, but if you do get killed while as a spider-head, you can’t come back from that. You can set a trap or make things harder for the players by sabotaging the power and some stuff like that. If the game ends and someone is still a Thing, you fail, if you kill the Things but killed an innocent player, you fail, if you survive and the Things are all dead, then you succeed.

That’s what I got so far. I think it could be fun, and fuels on trust and paranoia like the movie. I think I could do it both like Until Dawn and Friday the 13th the game, like a story campaign and an online multiplayer campaign. The hard part about the story campaign is coming with the all possible outcomes, which I probably need a team for that. Could be fun.


My Future Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash Adaptation Plans

I recently bought a book on everything that led to Freddy vs. Jason and all the rejected scripts and all that. One them had an element that was used in the second Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic book that got me thinking. See, I wanna adapt those two comics into animated films someday, cause I have 3D models of Ash, Jason, and Freddy. But I have a problem with the second book’s ending and with Ash vs. Evil Dead it would be hard to set these two stories between Army of Darkness and Ash vs. Evil Dead. And since the company that did the FVJVA comic books went out of business we don’t know if there were plans for a 3rd and if so, we’ll never get to see it.

Anywho, the ending of FVJVA: Nightmare Warriors has Ash and his team of Freddy and Jason survivors killing both killers and changing the world back to normal. Ash and the Nightmare Warriors go their separate ways with Tommy Jarvis left in charge of the Nightmare Warriors. But in the middle of the battle, one of the government agents who attempts to use the Necronomicon, Freddy, and Jason as weapons was sucked through a time portal. So after Ash and the Nightmare Warriors go their separate ways, we find the agent finds himself in the past at the time of Krueger’s arrest, he finds the arrest warrant the judge forgot to sign which led to Freddy being released and the parents burning him turning him into the dream demon we know and love. But the agent changes it by signing the warrant. That’s where it ends. Again, where they planned to go after that is anyone’s guess. The idea was a based on a FVJ where the writer attempted to end the story where Jason and Freddy could not come back this time. In that script, we find out that Freddy actually killed Jason after getting his dream powers because Jason’s parents were on of the few who killed Freddy. So it ends with one of the characters, who is a cop, going back in time thanks to Freddy’s mother, Sister Amanda Krueger, to sign the arrest warrant so Freddy will never get released, never burned, never got his power, and never killed Jason. So neither Jason nor Freddy would ever be created.

So I thought of an idea of how I could adapt it, I mean, my idea of keeping the ending, to wrap things up since FVJVA3 is probably never gonna happen and with Ash vs. Evil Dead out.

My idea has Ash and Nightmare Warriors defeating Freddy and Jason, but the world is in ruin, so Tommy Jarvis suggests using the book to open two portals to go back in time and prevent Freddy and Jason ever being created. He even suggests preventing Ash from finding the book, but he declines worrying that changing 3 things would doom the world, and he feels that after Army of Darkness, nothing will really change for him except his encounters with Freddy and Jason, unless he reads from the book again. We all know that will happen. So the government agent reads from the book “Klatu Verata Nikto” and Tommy Jarvis goes back in time to prevent Jason from drowning, while the agent goes back in time to sign the arrest warrant since he was around back then and had the power to authorize the warrant.

The timeline changes picking up after Army of Darkness left off where the S-Marts have gone out of business and Ash is looking for a new job in the paper at a diner where a TV plays that after so much legalization, Freddy is finally set to be executed for his crimes, where we see old Robert Englund. Then the TV changes to a hockey game where we see, guess who, Jason, who never drowned and never became a psycho killer, instead became a successful hockey player. Ash finally finds a job at a new chain stores called, you guess it, the Value Stop. Then we’d see little flashes about how life is for the survivors since they never encountered Freddy and Jason.

That way everything for Ash is the same except his encounters with Jason and Freddy and people won’t wonder why in Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ash never mentioned his encounters Jason and Freddy. I think it’s a cool idea. I think it would be funny.


I got a better idea. Instead of the agents going back in time willingly, they go back in time accidentally just like the comic book, they prevent Jason’s drowning and Freddy being released. And instead of the S-Marts going out of business, Ash got fired for accidentally sticking his metal hand in a toaster, which blew up both the toaster and his hand, which would explain why he has a wooden hand in Ash vs. Evil Dead. And when he leaves the diner, the Necronomicon drops out of the sky on his car, which would explain where he got the book in Ash vs. Evil Dead.