Friday the 13th The Game: Jason X Map Idea

I hear there might be talk of a Jason X DLC for the Friday the 13th game. I love this game, I just wish I had more time to play it. But I think I have a great idea of how they could do this DLC.

See, in the game, you play on a map from the Friday films, Part 1, 2, 3, and 4, you can survive by staying alive until time runs out, call the cops and escape, find the three parts to the car, finding the parts to the boat, or call Tommy Jarvis and do the complicated process of killing Jason. Apply the same principle to Jason X.

The map would be on the Grendel ship, which would be interesting cause it would have an Alien Isolation to it, instead of woods, it would be dark corridors and automatic sliding doors. You can send out a distress beacon and someone can save you in a rescue ship like the cops. You can repair the shuttle just like the car and escape that way, like refuel it from the control room and get other pieces before getting the shuttle, and it can only take a small number of people. And here’s the best part, instead of calling Tommy Jarvis, you can call the KM-14 robot to kill Jason, which would be awesome! The part about killing Jason would be difficult, one idea I have is using the virtual reality room to trick him, but that’s all I got.

All that could be really cool!


Well they’re doing Jason X map for the game. I wonder if it will be these ideas in the game. That would be really cool if I could predict all that.