Star Fox: The Animated Series

I’m an uncle, I have a four year old nephew, his mother is my twin sister. I love that kid a lot. He is a little sweetheart. And I was thinking, I wanna make something animated for him, since all my stuff is for adults like Aliens or Friday the 13th. So I wanna make something for my little nephew to see. I think that’s how Robert Rodriguez thought when he made kids movies. So I remember something from my childhood that he would like, Star Fox. That was my Nintendo jam. I never really got into Mario, I love Zelda, but I prefer to watch my brother play that game, but Star Fox were the games I played. I think my first video game I enjoyed playing was Star Fox 64, one of my favorites. I love the characters and it’s such a great storyline, feels like a mix of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly, with talking animals. So I thought, if I could do a Star Fox Series, I’d do it like this.

My pilot would tell the story of the Lylat System, governed by the Cornarian Republic, where the mad scientist, Andross, after being banished, forms his own Empire composed of criminals, pirates, and mercenaries. The Star Fox team, consisting of Peppy Hare, Pigma Dangar, and leader James McCloud fought in the war to stop the Andross Empire. But in the final invasion of the planet Venom, the Andross Empire capital, Pigma betrayed them, James was killed, and Peppy barely escaped. Finally an uneasy truce was made between the Cornarian Republic and the Andross Empire.

Years later, James McCloud’s son Fox lives on his father’s ship Great Fox with his friend Slippy Toad, his robot Rob64, and Peppy, who raised him since his father’s death. They do various odd jobs around the Lylat System like the Firefly crew, while his father’s Arwings are left to gather dust in the hangar. They decide to take on passengers: a blue fox Krystal, a bird Falco, and a chimp Andrew. Along the way, they discover that Andrew is a spy for the Andross Empire, even Andross’ nephew, who is after Krystal. After Andrew escapes, Krystal explains that she is a reader (psychic), and her planet was destroyed by the Andross Empire’s super weapon, and they’re planning to attack Cornaria, the Cornarian Capital. So Fox brings the Arwings out of retirement, and his friends defend Cornaria against the Andross fighters. When they discover Andross’ super weapon is actually Andross himself, who he converted his body into a giant head and hands. They fight him off and Krystal reads his mind to discover his weakness, and they fire a bomb into his mouth and blow him up.

Afterward, Cornaria thank Fox and his friends, General Pepper of the Cornarian Army and old friend of James McCloud offers him to join the Cornarian Army. But Fox turns him down saying “we prefer doing things are own way.” Little did they know, Andross’ brain is recovered by Andrew and brought back to Venom. Fox has now reestablished the Star Fox team and he and his friends travel the Lylat System looking for people in trouble to help. It’s like Firefly meets Disney’s Robin Hood.

And of course Star Wolf would be brought in as Andross’ anti-Star Fox team and I thought of other characters to bring in like Kat and the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Planet and the evil General Scales. Which I thought Scales would be a great character to bring in. I would also like to bring in Bill, but I need to find a model of him.

That’s what I got, I hope to make it someday before my nephew gets too old. But I got a job and fans hounding me for my next Aliens movies. As crazy as it sounds.


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