Whodunnit TV Series

I had been thinking of the series Harper’s Island. I thought it was a good show, and I enjoyed watching it. I liked the formula, where everyone is a suspect, that every episode would have a death of one of the characters, and one of them is the killer. I liked it a lot, I especially liked the main character, Elaine Cassidy, she was adorable. There was only one mistake I feel they made.


The killer wasn’t someone you can guess.

The killer turned out to be someone who wasn’t one of the suspects, I mean, sure one of the suspects turned out to be his accomplice, who ends up killing the killer. But again, I think that’s kinda a cheat. But I still like it.

But point being, I think there should be a whodunnit series where you have a cast of characters, each episode a character gets killed off, and one of the characters is the killer, for real. Again, I hate in whodunnits where the killer isn’t someone you can guess, like I Know What You Did Last Summer. I mean, it’s still a good movie, but I like trying to guess who the killer is, that’s half the fun.

I actually thought of a Friday the 13th Whodunnit idea where Jason would possess someone every year and you have to guess who Jason is, and it would kinda be like a Wolf Man thing, where they actually change into Jason. It could be cool. I know, it sounds like Friday the 13th New Beginning and Jason Goes to Hell, yeah I’m sure most people would think you shouldn’t draw inspiration from the worst Jason movies.