Halloween Deboot

First I wanna start with, what is a “deboot.” It’s a word that was coined in the Simpsons that I think describes this new Halloween movie. In the Simpsons, they were talking about the new Radioactive Man, Carl and Lenny describe it like so:

“It’s a sequel.”
“No, it’s a reboot.”
“No, it’s a sequel that undoes the last movie.”
“It’s a deboot.”

So any movie that retcons other sequels, I call deboots, like how this movie retcons all the Halloween sequels. So in this movie, since Halloween 2 never happened, Michael and Laurie are not brother and sister anymore. Even though I love all the Halloween movies (except 3 and Zombie’s H2 of course), especially Halloween 2 and, I also love H20, it was one of my favorite sequels, anyway, I’m kinda glad that they’re retconning Halloween 2. Because Halloween 2 was the movie that suddenly made Laurie and Michael brother and sister. I mean it’s an interesting idea, but I talked about this before, that I felt that the first Halloween was really scary because Michael started stalking Laurie Strode and her friends for no reason. In fact, without Halloween 2, Michael didn’t start stalking Laurie and tried to kill her until he saw her drop off the key at his place. And that’s why I love Michael, he has no rhyme or reason why he kills or why he tried to kill Laurie. And I find that scary that he had no reason, he’s just a killer. But then the sequel came out and we find out they’re brother and sister and that’s why he went after her. Ever since then, he started chasing after a blood relative, in Halloween 4 and 5 he was after his niece, then her baby in Halloween 6, then in H20, which retconned 4-6, he goes after Laurie because they’re brother and sister, and finishes her off in Resurrection. So the whole franchise was all about him trying to kill a relative, and I always wondered what if the series didn’t go in that direction. And again, I like that Michael is trying to kill Laurie Strode for no reason, and I find that scary. Like the line in Scream “it’s a lot scarier when there’s no motive.” Not to mention, John Carpenter said that he only did it because he wanted a reason why Michael would continue pursuing her while the city is on a manhunt for him. And he said he was drunk when he wrote it. So as much as I like Halloween 2 and H20, I think it’s good they’re going back to the idea that it’s just random, I think that would make it a good movie.