What The Engineers Could Have been

I heard about this game called Scorn, which was inspired by H.R. Giger art work. I’m sure you know who Giger is, if you don’t, he’s the guy who designed the Aliens. The thing about his art is that it looks like a mix of bio organic material and machinery, people have described it as “biomechanical”, you don’t know where the organic and machinery begins and ends. That’s what Scorn is, it’s like some bizarre world where the lifeforms and the technology kinda merge with each other, the machinery is organic as well. It’s so cool.

I kinda wish that, that is what Prometheus’s Engineers should have been. In Alien, the Space Jockey skeleton looked like, the characters even comment on that, “looks like it’s grown out of the chair” like the chair and the skeleton were merged together. When Prometheus was being made and it was gonna focus on the Engineers, I thought their world and technology was gonna be a biomechanical world where their technology and world could merge with the Engineers. It didn’t work out that way. Not even in Alien Covenant.

The way Scorn looks is what I think it could have been. I think that was a missed opportunity.


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