The Predator My Review

I went to see The Predator a few days ago. I knew it was probably gonna be a recipe for disaster, but I was sure “I” was going to like it, because I’ve loved all the Predator films, even AVP. Maybe not AVPR, but the Wolf Predator in AVPR was badass. But in the end. I don’t think it turned out like I wanted it to be, probably because of constant rewrites and reshoots, or maybe it was just a bad idea to begin with.

I mean, the problem I see for this movie was that, it broke the formula of the other movies, and not in a good way. Most films that break the formula don’t work out, sometimes it works out, like Alien and Aliens, or Evil Dead and Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. For example, Terminator Salvation broke the formula of the Terminator movies and I thought it was cool, despite its flaws. But, nobody else liked it, and that’s why Genisys went back to the old formula. Take the Friday the 13th movies, Jason Goes to Hell broke the formula and that’s why it sucked, Jason X may have been set in the future, but at least had the same formula. That’s my opinion regarding Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X, one broke the formula and the other had a stupid idea, but still kept the formula. The formula for Predator is “the hunt”, and this film felt that there was no “hunt” of the story. Predator was the basic principle of an alien hunting mercenaries in the jungle, Predator 2 a Predator hunting cops and gangs in a city, AVP Predators who have lured humans down to the pyramid to breed the Aliens so they can hunt them, AVPR a Predator who has come to hunt the Aliens that have escaped a crashed Predator ship and cover up all the evidence, and Predators humans being dropped on an alien planet to be hunted by Super Predators. All these films are consistent, The Predator didn’t seem to have that formula. I can’t even describe it. I mean, it seems to be about a Predator who comes to give us something can help us against the Predators.

One problem is, if the Fugitive Predator came to Earth to help us, why is he killing every human in sight? I mean, it kinda has the hunt where you have the Upgrade Predator who came to hunt the Fugitive Predator kill anyone who gets in his way. But again, doesn’t make much sense, and the Upgrade Predator didn’t show up until half way through the movie. I know there were ideas where humans and Predators team up, which I thought would be a great idea, but I guess some people prefer Predators as villains, even though its possible to negotiate with a Predator since they’re sentient. But also the, the Predator Killer at the end seemed WAY too advanced for the Predators for my taste.

One thing I liked about it was, it had great character development and characters. I loved the characters and the dialogue, that I will give it credit for. I also like that they were saying about Aspergers, because I myself have that condition, I liked that little boy, I also like that they were saying that the condition was more of a next stage in evolution. Even though it might not be true, probably not. But I think it was a nice to think about that.

I just wonder, could it have been better, was the original cut better, or was it just bad to begin with, and like I said, just didn’t have the formula of the other movies? I kinda hope to see a Director’s Cut of The Predator just to see “could it have been better?”


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