The Predator Improvement

You’ve already seen my review of The Predator. The main problem I had with the movie was that the motives of the Fugitive Predator. It indicated that he came to Earth to give us what turned out to be a weaponized Predator armor called the “Predator Killer” to help us fight the Predator. But it makes no sense because if he came to help us, why is he killing everyone in sight? Doesn’t sound like someone who came to help us. This is how I think it could’ve been improved.

Maybe instead the Predator Killer armor wasn’t meant for us. Predators said that there are two types of Predators, like the difference between dog and wolf, the Predators and the Super Predators. The Predator also showed another Predator who juices himself with DNA of the great prey, which would explain where the Super Predators came from. But again, I feel only the Predators who don’t play by the rules should do that, not normal Predators. But the point is, the Predators and the Super Predators are at war with each other. Maybe the Predator Killer was a weapon that the normal Predators invented to combat the Super Predators, and the Upgrade Predator wanted to take it for him and the Super Predators, so the Fugitive Predator was trying to keep it from getting in their hands. So the goal of the story is get the Predator Killer armor and kill anyone who could use it for themselves, Predator, Super Predator, or human. Which might bring a hunt theme to the story, a little.

Another idea is, maybe the Fugitive Predator was killing people because he was testing people. He was trying to find a worthy warrior to wield the Predator Killer armor. He couldn’t just give it to just anyone, he had to find someone who was skilled enough to to wear the armor. That could have worked.

It’s not perfect, but it would’ve made the movie more logical. That’s just how I would try to fix it.


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