Expanded Universes

I need to get this off my chance. I’ve been confronted by people who chew me out about things regarding expanded universes in franchises like Aliens and Terminator and Star Wars. People giving me crap about how what’s canon and what’s not, like how Disney threw out the original expanded universe or your theory is wrong because the novelization says this. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that expanded universes are never canon. The next movie will always retcon it. Studios don’t research every piece of medium of their franchise and say “we can’t do this totally awesome thing, because it contradicts this book that very little people have read” it doesn’t work that way.

I mean case and point, the Aliens comic books that were released after Aliens showed the further adventures of Newt, Hicks, and Ripley, which inspired my stories. But Alien3 came out said that Newt and Hicks died, and they reprinted the books with different names, Newt became Billie and Hicks became Wilks. Cheap. See, they didn’t research those comics and say “we can’t kill off Ripley, Newt, and Hicks because it contradicts these comic books.” See, they have never cared and never will, which is why expanded universes have never mattered and never will.

Not to say they’re bad stories, they’re all great stories, but you shouldn’t write them as canon, because once the next movie comes out, they’re gonna pretend they never happened.

One guy I knew threw a shit fit because Robert Rodriguez said he drew no inspiration from the Predator comic books when he produced Predators. Excuse him for only wanting to go by the movie, the only thing he felt anyone should draw inspiration from.

Continuity is subjective these days. Some people don’t like the new canon that Disney has established when they bought Star Wars. But guess what, I don’t care. I never read those books, I only go by the movies. I have a system, I only go by Good and Official. Expanded Universes can be Good, but they’re not movies, so they’re not Official. Only the movies are Official, but if they’re not Good, then I don’t consider them canon. Like Alien and Aliens, they’re Good and Official, Alien3 is a movie so it’s Official, but it sucks, so it’s not canon in my opinion.

And novelizations aren’t canon, they’re the reverse of movies based on books. They don’t sync with each other, if they’re not in sync, then how do you consider them in the same continuity. This just so irritates me about people bitch at me about things regarding continuity. I only go by the good movies, nothing else.


Alien Covenant Discussion SPOILERS AHEAD

I saw Alien Covenant yesterday. It was great, I loved it a lot, Michael Fassbender was great as always, Katherine Waterson was a good lead, I knew her before she was famous when I saw her in the independent film Enter Nowhere with Scott Eastwood and Sara Paxton, Danny McBride was awesome too, did a really great job doing a drama instead of comedy. I can’t wait for the next one, though I feel Scott is going a little overkill making probably too many than we need to lead into Alien, not to mention that his Alien movies have been underperforming at the box office, so I hope he can lead into Alien before they run out of money. Not to mention, I’m disappointed that so far, it seems like Blomkamp’s Alien 3.5 won’t get off the ground. I was looking forward to that because it was gonna retcon Alien3Alien Resurrection and bring back my favorite characters and go forward instead of backwards. But I have so many things I wanna run by you guys.


First of all, I had heard that Scott had originally intended to make more on the Engineers, but after Prometheus met negative results because of lack of Alien, he decided to focus all on Alien. But, couldn’t he have done both? Focus on Alien while explaining more about the Engineers. For example, will we ever learn why the Engineers created us and then eventually tried to kill us?

I’m a little iffy about them killing off Shaw, I’m kinda wondering if I can like this movie and not look like a hypocrite because it killed off a character in the next movie just like Alien3, which I hate like poison because of that. On the subject, if David loved Shaw so much, why did he do that to her? Maybe there could be a prologue in the next scene where we actually see what happened right after David wiped out the Engineers.

We now know that David created the Xenomorphs, so we’re assuming that his creation will end up on that the Engineer/Derelict ship in Alien, so how do we get from Covenant to Alien? Did David only kill the Engineers on that one planet and there are more Engineer colonized worlds, maybe ones who will seek vengeance on David for attacking them and David will commandeer one of their ships again which will lead into Alien?

Overall I loved it, it wasn’t as frustrating as Prometheus and I feel Alien has returned. I just hope Scott can wrap this up before the money runs out, if there’s one thing I hate more is an unfinished story.

Xenomorph Crossbreeds

I’ve been thinking about something interesting. Despite the fact that I loath Alien 3, there is one thing I thought was kind of interesting. See, in Alien 3 and the AVPs, they introduced the idea that the Aliens can take features from the host. In Alien 3 the Alien spawned from a dog and had dog hind legs and in the AVPs there was an Alien that spawned from a Predator, the Predalien, that had dreadlocks and maniples.

I don’t think this thing was limited to Alien 3, I think it was actually Ridley Scott’s idea, because in the Alien commentary he said, “I think that if an Alien landed on a ostrich, it would come out looking like an ostrich.”

So I thought, why don’t they do more of that. For example, what if there was an Alien that spawned from a condor and had wings, or an Alien that birthed from a bull and would have horns.

Reminds me of the Kenner Alien toys they had, some of them were practical, some weren’t, like say a crab Alien or a praying mantis Alien. There were also different species of Aliens in Colonial Marines: the Raven, the Crusher, the Spitters, and the Boilers. But that game gave no explanation of where they came from or what purpose they served.

This is a video I made, I recently got into animation and these are some models I customized to show you the potential of Alien crossbreeds. I got Aliens that spawned from a condor, gorilla, snake, bull, panther, dog, and an Alien that was supposed to appear in Prometheus, the Ultramorph, an Alien that spawned from an Engineer/Space Jockey.

On a side note, there’s another Alien creature I’ve seen in video games called the Praetorians, Alien royal guards.

My Praetorian

I think it looked interesting and could be a nice addition to the series.

AVP: Alien vs. Predator: What Could’ve Made It Better?

See, I liked the first Alien vs. Predator, despite its overwhelming flaws. Do I think it could’ve been a better film. Yes. I think Anderson should’ve gotten another writer to help him make it a better film.

This is what I would’ve probably done different.

First of all, don’t set it on Earth, apparently some people don’t like that, and especially don’t set it in modern times.

I would’ve set it after Aliens when Lance Henriksen would play an executive of Weyland-Yutani, maybe even the man who designed the Bishop android. Weyland-Yutani would’ve discovered a beacon leading to a pyramid on another planet with features reminiscent of the Aztec, Cambodian, and Egyptian, believing it to be from an alien race that taught these cultures 1000s of years ago. He would assemble a team to investigate, along with Colonial Marines for security hoping to find it before someone else does. They go in and find an old colony that was happened after everyone disappeared over night and find the pyramid. “Let’s make history.” They would go in, unaware that the Predators set them as a trap to lure humans to the pyramid. The humans would find the sacrificial chamber with primitive people, believing the “ancient aliens” brought them there as sacrifices. The Predators would arrive, the humans would find the guns in the sarcophagus, upon removing them, the pyramid would imprison them in the room and they’d lose contact with the ones in the sacrificial chamber, who got facehugged. The characters would think that Henriksen is hiding something from them, like he knows something he’s not telling them. They would be imprisoned for 24 hours, time lapsed of course, until the pyramid finally changes and they leave the room only to encounter the Aliens and the Predators. They find out that Weyland set them up, he knew about the Aliens and the Predators they whole time and was hoping to capture the Aliens and take the Predator technology back to Wey-Yu. You could probably keep everything else just changed in this manner. I know a lot of people didn’t like the human/Predator team up, but I liked it cause it was just like in the original comic book.

That’s how I would rewrite it, I think that would’ve made it a better movie. Feel free to disagree.

Aliens Plot Holes That Should Be Rectified

I haven’t posted in awhile I know, but I haven’t found a topic until now.

Anywho, I recall two major plot holes regarding the gap between Alien and Aliens. See, Alien/Aliens fans debated for years that Wey-Yu set up the crew of the Nostromo, mainly because of the Ash android on the ship protecting the Alien, and also because Ash was put on the ship two days before they left the planet Thedus. The lines were:

Ripley: “Did you ever ship out with Ash before?”
Dallas: “I went on five voyages with a different science officer, they replaced him two days before we left Thedus with Ash.”

This has led Alien fans to believe that Wey-Yu knew about the Derelict and the Aliens and set up the Nostromo crew to bring one back alive. But here are the plot holes. If Wey-Yu knew about the Derelict and the Aliens and set up the Nostromo crew, why did they wait 57 years to go back to LV-426 after the Nostromo went missing, and also, if the warning beacon that led the Nostromo to it, why didn’t the people building Hadley’s Hope or the colonists in the 20 years it was established didn’t encounter it? In fact, according to the Aliens Special Edition, Burke sent the colonists, particularly Newt and her family, the Jordans, to the Derelict after Ripley was discovered.

James Cameron said that the beacon stopped transmitting because the ship was damaged by volcanic activity since Ash in Alien said LV-426 was lava based. In fact, in the original Alien script, one of the Nostormo crew members (their names were different in the original script) actually found the source of the transmission in the ship’s control room and turned it off.

So I wanted to rectify those plot holes. In my recent rewrites of my scripts and my short story Ultramorph, Wey-Yu didn’t know the exact details of the Derelict and the Aliens, they just knew that there was “some” evidence of alien life on LV-426 from the warning beacon, but that was it. In my current draft, I used Cameron’s explanation, the Derelict was damaged by volcanic activity. But I actually considered changing it to the original Alien script idea, that when the Nostromo crew found the Derelict they actually turned off the beacon. After the Nostromo went missing and the beacon stopped transmitting, they didn’t know the location of the Derelict until after Ripley and her shuttle’s flight data recorder was recovered and told them where it was.

That’s what I got to rectify the plot holes. Right now it’s the volcanic activity that destroyed the beacon, but I wonder if I should change it to the Nostromo crew turning off the beacon.

Aliens Continuity Change

A friend told me about this place on Facebook. He actually thought I started it. I was surprised that someone cared about this as much as I did.


This is something I feel is very near and dear to my heart. The idea of a slight Aliens reboot, direct sequel to Aliens only and ignoring Alien3 and Alien Resurrection. It’s something I feel very strongly about and if you know about my fan fictions then you know what I’m talking about. I wanted to spread the word of this page.

How Prometheus (Really) Should Have Ended

I’ve said before, that I feel that the Prometheus sequel(s) will not lead into Alien because:

Ridley Scott seems adamant that he doesn’t wanna do Alien again, considering that they probably won’t end the movie with another Derelict crash, and because he referenced that the ship in Prometheus, the Juggernaut, and in Alien, the Derelict, were not the same ship but were “brothers, about the same age. Few hundred years, give or take” which is almost exactly the same thing that Shaw said when distinguishing how long the decapitated Engineer’s been dead. He seems to indicate that the Derelict crashed years before Prometheus.

Anywho, it seems Scott wants the series to go its own course without being bound to Alien, like say The Thing Prequel or the Star Wars prequels. This is how I think Prometheus should’ve ended and some of the changes I would’ve made to make Prometheus go its own course and tie up lose ends regarding Alien:

Not make them think Weyland was dead, just believe he’s back on Earth and probably dead since he was so old.

Have the planet actually be LV-426.

Reference that Fifield lost the map when they left the group. In the script, when they leave the group, he asks Milburne for the map, only for both to discover that neither had the map.

Have an Alien, or some different kind of Alien like the Deacon, come out of Shaw in the Med-Pod scene and have her destroy it.

At the end of the movie, here’s the kicker we go to the cargo hold of Juggernaut to see the Alien eggs, being a creation of the black liquid. The Engineer, who is actually THE Space Jockey, would rip off David’s head, kill Weyland, and attempt to use it to plot a course to Earth. Shaw would tell Janek to stop it and he accepts. This is what we’d do different. The Engineer is flying the ship, when an Alien births from his chest, the Ultramorph as they called it, the Engineer would die, but the ship is still active. David would contact Janek and tell him that he has a 2 minute window before the autopilot kicks in. The Prometheus will crash into the Juggernaut, and roll at Vickers and Shaw, it would crush Vickers and Shaw would survive. Shaw would lie on the ground crying after everything that happened. David would contact her telling her that he can pilot another ship. She would meet up with David’s head and she would tell him that she wants to go to the Engineer’s home planet, Paradise, to know why they created and tried to use the Alien eggs to try and kill us. When suddenly, the Ultramorph attacks Shaw where she kills it with Jackson’s shotgun (the guy who shot the Engineer after he awoke), where its body would leak acid melting a hole in the control room leaking into the cargo hold. The same hole that Kane would be lowered into. Shaw and David would take another ship and take off for Paradise. This is a combination of elements from the original script of Prometheus, Alien Engineers, and the final product so it could’ve been good.

Ties lose ends, and still let’s it go its own course. That’s just what I would do.


Rest in peace Hans Rudolf Giger, the man who made the monster.