How I Think Alien Resurrection Should Have Ended

I’m not crazy about Alien Resurrection, but I hate Alien3 more. This is what I think should’ve happened at the end of the movie. Let’s take out that stupid Newborn thing, that was an abomination. This is what I had in mind.

Ripley #8 is taken by the Aliens into the nest. She awakens to see herself surrounded by Aliens and the Queen at her egg sack. She also finds Dr. Gediman strapped to the wall. But the Aliens don’t attack, they just stand there. One Alien gets close to her and rubs its head against her forehead. Gediman explains that since she carries their blood they consider her one of them. Ripley starts to pet one of them like it were a dog. It extends its tongue, she grabs it and rips it out saying that she is not one of them, that she chooses to hold onto her humanity. The Aliens begin to attack, when she pulls out a grenade and presses the button, if she lets go they all go up. She backs away, walks over to Gediman, puts it in his hand telling him “don’t let go”, and she takes off running. Then Gediman lets go of the grenade and it explodes. The Queen gets pissed and escapes.

Ripley makes it to the Betty, but she couldn’t close the hatch, she tells them that she couldn’t close the hatch so Call goes back to close, only to run into the Queen. I know, it’s been done, but it sure is better than the Newborn. The Queen closes the hatch and tries to kill Call. When Distephano comes in and the Queen bites his head off, which a Queen has never done before in the Alien franchise. As the Betty flies into the atmosphere, the Queen is about to kill Call, when Ripley arrives, the Queen is hypnotized by her, because Ripley gave birth to her. Then Ripley does the thing where she burns a hole in the window and the Queen gets sucked out.

I think I would’ve been cooler. I like the idea that Ripley chooses between her instincts and her humanity.



In case you don’t know, I wrote my own trilogy of Aliens, Predator, and AVP stories for fun. My Aliens scripts included stories of Newt grown up, along with Hicks, and Ripley who appears in the 3rd and final script, and my 3rd Predator story brought back Dutch. I made some major rewrites to the scripts to exclude these characters because I felt the actors aren’t gonna be around much longer to play them. I had to change all my scripts and all my fan art, which was a long and hard process. But then I realized that casting is not my job, my job was to tell a good story and thinking that a long time from now it might be okay to recast them, unless studios tell me to rewrite them to exclude them. Anywho, people might think that it’s almost sacrilege to recast iconic roles like Ripley or Dutch, but it might just happen. For example, Superman Returns, which is a sequel to Superman 2, recast the entire cast of the original Superman movies. Might be a bad example, but they still did it. Even right now, George Miller, who did the original Mad Max trilogy is coming back for a 4th Mad Max with Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson in the title role. He stated he recast him because Gibson was too old.

So what do you think, can you see in the next few years someone else playing Ripley or someone else playing one of Schwarzenegger’s role? Cause Schwarzenegger has only been recast once, and that was Terminator Salvation. I feel that if a studio wants to make more movies they’ll recast them, and it could work, Tom Hardy looks promising in Mad Max. I did a lot of fan art with Summer Glau as Newt for my fan fictions, my friend made a joke that by the time my scripts ever get made, Summer Glau would probably be better off playing Ripley. I can see that.

Aliens Passing The Torch

The net is a buzz with what the next Alien movie will be with Neill Blomkamp at the helm and the return of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, and possibly Michael Biehn as Hicks. it seems that this movie will be a retcon despite the fact that Blomkamp said he’s “Not gonna undo Alien3 and Alien Resurrection”, he seems to have no love for the two movies and talks about how he wants to be a sequel to only Alien and Aliens. Weaver talks about this to be the end of Ripley, considering that she’s not getting any younger, seems that she wishes to close the book on her for one last time. This will probably be Ripley’s last ride, and maybe Hicks too. But if there’s one thing I know about studios is they like making money, and the only way to do that is with sequels. In my opinion, there’s only one way to continue the franchise without Ripley. If this is a retcon, it means that Newt is still alive too, there is no proof that she’ll be included in this story, but she could still be alive, That’s the idea, maybe after this it is time to pass the torch to another character who can carry on the franchise, a new young female star. And I think that person can be Newt. She’s could be the new star and she’s like a surrogate daughter to Ripley. This has been done before in a comic book series written by comic book turn TV producer Mark Verheiden, his comic series starred Newt, grown up, as the lead alongside Hicks, and eventually Ripley in the 3rd and final book. Unfortunately, after the release of Alien3 the books were reprinted with different names, Newt and Hicks became Billie and Wilks, and the SD Perry novelization said that Ripley was a robot. But the point is, Newt could be the new star and carry on the series for a new generation and I think she can be the new Ripley.

That is what I would do and have been preaching for years.

Aliens Continuity Change

A friend told me about this place on Facebook. He actually thought I started it. I was surprised that someone cared about this as much as I did.

This is something I feel is very near and dear to my heart. The idea of a slight Aliens reboot, direct sequel to Aliens only and ignoring Alien3 and Alien Resurrection. It’s something I feel very strongly about and if you know about my fan fictions then you know what I’m talking about. I wanted to spread the word of this page.

My Aliens Fan Fiction Reboot Trilogy Complete

Aliens Unleashed 1Aliens Apocalypse 1Aliens Vengeance 2

I have finally posted my Aliens fan fiction reboot trilogy. They’re all my deivantart page if you want to read them. They are direct sequels to Aliens and retcons 3 and 4 with Newt all grown up as the lead character.

I hope you enjoy them, read them in order, Unleashed, Apocalypse, and Vengeance.

While you’re at it, take a look at my fan art, along with my DC Cinematic Universe ideas I came up with.

Alien3 Reboot

This is something I’ve been wanting to post and questioning whether or not to post it.

I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens, mostly Aliens. I can’t stand Alien3, it ticks me off that after everything Ripley went through in Aliens was all a waste in the first five minutes 3. Resurrection wasn’t any better, at least it didn’t kill off great characters in the first five minutes making everything the heroes went through in the previous film all for nothing. Ever since 3, the series has been going down hill, the only film that was an improvement was Prometheus, but not by very much because of all it’s huge plot holes.

I feel the only way to reinvent the Aliens series is do what many movies have done before with one simple word, “retcon.” Simply make a straight sequel to Alien and Aliens and retcon 3 and 4 like they never happened. They could even bring back the original cast like Weaver, Biehn, maybe Henricksen, and they could bring a new actress to play Newt all grown up (since Carrie Henn is retired). I always thought it would’ve been great to do a whole Aliens story maybe franchise centered around Newt as a grown up.

Which has been done before, prior to the release of Alien3 Dark Horse wrote an Aliens comic book trilogy centered around Newt all grown up written by TV writer/producer Mark Verhieden. It was a good series, I enjoyed it. Unfortunately after the release of 3, Fox reprinted the books with different names, Newt became Billie, Hicks became Wilks, and in the Steve Perry adaptations Ripley became a droid. COP-OUT!!! I have the original comics before the reprint, they are prized possessions of mine.

Movies have done this before, both Prometheus and Predators ignored the Aliens vs. Predator movies like they never even happened. Superman Returns was a direct sequel to the original Superman 1 and 2 and retconed 3 and 4. Halloween: H20 was a direct sequel Halloween 1 and 2 and retconed 4-6, course 3 was a different kettle of fish. Just recently, Texas Chainsaw (3D) was a direct sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and ignored 2 and 3. If these movies can do it, why not Aliens?

They could really bring a new actress to carry on the Aliens legacy with Newt and Michael Biehn and Sigourney Weaver could return as supporting characters.

Well, that’s my idea. I’m very passionate about this idea, I even wrote my own stories as a hobby, even made photoshop fan art of my stories. I really miss the Xenomorphs on screen and I feel they bring back these characters as if 3 and 4 never happen to usher in a new Aliens franchise for a new generation.