Alien Covenant: Shaw SPOILERS

This is long overdo, but I saw Alien Covenant last month and I wanted to talk about it. I mean, I loved the movie, but the problem I have is that it’s so ambiguous, not as ambiguous as Prometheus, but still. I don’t think Ridley Scott gets the franchise he started, I hope we get our answers eventually otherwise these movies would be a waste. Not to mention, we don’t know if Scott’s gonna get more movies since Covenant bombed. Don’t know why he had to make a lot movies to explain the Aliens’ origin. But that’s neither here nor there as to what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about Shaw.


First of all, I was peeved that they killed off Shaw, just threw her character away just like Newt and Hicks in Alien3. But more importantly, we don’t exactly know what happened. It seemed David killed her, but he kept talking about how he loved her and shit like that, so it doesn’t seem to make sense. So I came up with this theory: someone gave me the idea that Shaw’s death was an accident. David claimed that their ship crashed and she died in the crash after they accidentally released the pathogen. We later find out that David released the pathogen on purpose to kill the Engineers. But it’s possible that both are true. Maybe there was a crash. Maybe after David killed the Engineers, he woke Shaw and distraught by what he did and what he plans to do, she tried to escape with the ship, so he tried to stop her and she crashed and died in the crash. Because, the ship was far away from the city and there were a lot of trees destroyed as if it did crash and that would explain what Shaw’s recording of herself singing Country Road was when she was trying to escape. Then after she died, David, as much he loved her, decided not to waste good material.

I had heard that Ridley Scott’s next movie, Alien: Awakening will be a prequel to Covenant and that “maybe” the next one will be a sequel to Covenant. Maybe Awakening will show what happened between Prometheus and Covenant and what happened to Shaw, which would be nice. But still, I don’t see why he has to make a dozen movies, especially since I don’t see how he’s gonna make more since Covenant bombed. I think he should cut his losses and just make one more movie before the whole thing gets cancelled and we never get our answers.


Prometheus Theory


Regarding Prometheus: going into the movie I was expecting the movie to lead into Alien movie, especially since the trailer misled us showing a Space Jockey ship crashing, to our discovery it’s not the same ship from Alien. The problem with the movie is that it is confusing, mostly regarding the Alien series, I could go a life time without knowing why the Engineers created us and then tried to destroy us. What I wanna know is, what happened to THE Space Jockey of Alien, how did he get infected, how did he crash, where did he get the Xeno eggs, where was he taking them? How is the black substance related to the Xenos, since we saw them create Xeno-type creatures. Not Xenos, but Xeno-type creatures. Most people, including myself believe the Engineers created the Xenos, which does make sense. Maybe the black substance is what creates the Xenos or the substance was harvested from the Xenos themselves. My friend who collected ideas that, like Scott said before decades ago, that the Xenos were probably used as biological weapons. My friend theorized that, proceeding Prometheus, the Xenos became uncontrollable so the Engineers abandoned them and moved to working on the black substance. Ridley Scott says he wants to make 2 more Prometheus movies.

But the point I’m trying to make is, I don’t think the Prometheus will end with the Derelict crash on three reasons:

1. Because I doubt Ridley Scott would end another Prometheus movie with a Derelict crash.

2. Because Ridley Scott said he doesn’t want the audience to know the ending of his movies being a prequel and lead into the 1st movie, like say The Thing (Prequel) where the Thing-dog escapes the burning Norwegian camp and goes to Kurt Russell’s camp with the chopper chasing it.

3. Ridley Scott doesn’t wanna do another Alien movie, he said it himself, he’s pretty determined that he wants Prometheus to have nothing to do with the Aliens.

Basically my theory is, the Derelict crashed before Prometheus. Scott even hinted that the ship was on LV-426 at the time of Prometheus, he said that the two ships on LV-426 and LV-223 were about the same age, “2000 years, give or take.”

I suspect that if we do get our answers as to what happened to the Derelict and THE Space Jockey, will probably get it in a prologue like the beginning of Prometheus or even in a holographic recording. I can picture Shaw and David’s severed head in a room with an Elder Engineer(s) as a holographic record explains the history of the Engineers, the Xenomorphs, the humans, and why the Derelict crashed and why the Engineers created us then tried to destroy us.