Friday the 13th The Game: Jason X Map Idea

I hear there might be talk of a Jason X DLC for the Friday the 13th game. I love this game, I just wish I had more time to play it. But I think I have a great idea of how they could do this DLC.

See, in the game, you play on a map from the Friday films, Part 1, 2, 3, and 4, you can survive by staying alive until time runs out, call the cops and escape, find the three parts to the car, finding the parts to the boat, or call Tommy Jarvis and do the complicated process of killing Jason. Apply the same principle to Jason X.

The map would be on the Grendel ship, which would be interesting cause it would have an Alien Isolation to it, instead of woods, it would be dark corridors and automatic sliding doors. You can send out a distress beacon and someone can save you in a rescue ship like the cops. You can repair the shuttle just like the car and escape that way, like refuel it from the control room and get other pieces before getting the shuttle, and it can only take a small number of people. And here’s the best part, instead of calling Tommy Jarvis, you can call the KM-14 robot to kill Jason, which would be awesome! The part about killing Jason would be difficult, one idea I have is using the virtual reality room to trick him, but that’s all I got.

All that could be really cool!


Well they’re doing Jason X map for the game. I wonder if it will be these ideas in the game. That would be really cool if I could predict all that.


My Future Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash Adaptation Plans

I recently bought a book on everything that led to Freddy vs. Jason and all the rejected scripts and all that. One them had an element that was used in the second Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic book that got me thinking. See, I wanna adapt those two comics into animated films someday, cause I have 3D models of Ash, Jason, and Freddy. But I have a problem with the second book’s ending and with Ash vs. Evil Dead it would be hard to set these two stories between Army of Darkness and Ash vs. Evil Dead. And since the company that did the FVJVA comic books went out of business we don’t know if there were plans for a 3rd and if so, we’ll never get to see it.

Anywho, the ending of FVJVA: Nightmare Warriors has Ash and his team of Freddy and Jason survivors killing both killers and changing the world back to normal. Ash and the Nightmare Warriors go their separate ways with Tommy Jarvis left in charge of the Nightmare Warriors. But in the middle of the battle, one of the government agents who attempts to use the Necronomicon, Freddy, and Jason as weapons was sucked through a time portal. So after Ash and the Nightmare Warriors go their separate ways, we find the agent finds himself in the past at the time of Krueger’s arrest, he finds the arrest warrant the judge forgot to sign which led to Freddy being released and the parents burning him turning him into the dream demon we know and love. But the agent changes it by signing the warrant. That’s where it ends. Again, where they planned to go after that is anyone’s guess. The idea was a based on a FVJ where the writer attempted to end the story where Jason and Freddy could not come back this time. In that script, we find out that Freddy actually killed Jason after getting his dream powers because Jason’s parents were on of the few who killed Freddy. So it ends with one of the characters, who is a cop, going back in time thanks to Freddy’s mother, Sister Amanda Krueger, to sign the arrest warrant so Freddy will never get released, never burned, never got his power, and never killed Jason. So neither Jason nor Freddy would ever be created.

So I thought of an idea of how I could adapt it, I mean, my idea of keeping the ending, to wrap things up since FVJVA3 is probably never gonna happen and with Ash vs. Evil Dead out.

My idea has Ash and Nightmare Warriors defeating Freddy and Jason, but the world is in ruin, so Tommy Jarvis suggests using the book to open two portals to go back in time and prevent Freddy and Jason ever being created. He even suggests preventing Ash from finding the book, but he declines worrying that changing 3 things would doom the world, and he feels that after Army of Darkness, nothing will really change for him except his encounters with Freddy and Jason, unless he reads from the book again. We all know that will happen. So the government agent reads from the book “Klatu Verata Nikto” and Tommy Jarvis goes back in time to prevent Jason from drowning, while the agent goes back in time to sign the arrest warrant since he was around back then and had the power to authorize the warrant.

The timeline changes picking up after Army of Darkness left off where the S-Marts have gone out of business and Ash is looking for a new job in the paper at a diner where a TV plays that after so much legalization, Freddy is finally set to be executed for his crimes, where we see old Robert Englund. Then the TV changes to a hockey game where we see, guess who, Jason, who never drowned and never became a psycho killer, instead became a successful hockey player. Ash finally finds a job at a new chain stores called, you guess it, the Value Stop. Then we’d see little flashes about how life is for the survivors since they never encountered Freddy and Jason.

That way everything for Ash is the same except his encounters with Jason and Freddy and people won’t wonder why in Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ash never mentioned his encounters Jason and Freddy. I think it’s a cool idea. I think it would be funny.


I got a better idea. Instead of the agents going back in time willingly, they go back in time accidentally just like the comic book, they prevent Jason’s drowning and Freddy being released. And instead of the S-Marts going out of business, Ash got fired for accidentally sticking his metal hand in a toaster, which blew up both the toaster and his hand, which would explain why he has a wooden hand in Ash vs. Evil Dead. And when he leaves the diner, the Necronomicon drops out of the sky on his car, which would explain where he got the book in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Bold Friday the 13th Reboot Idea

Currently, I have been working on my own animated Friday the 13th reboot and I love what I’m coming up with, but I actually came up with another idea that I kinda wish to do, but I’m also glad I didn’t do it because it’s pretty bold and I like my current idea more. I conceived it as an idea for a Friday the 13th TV series, season 1 anyway. This is the idea:

Okay, we tell the story in modern times where some young horny teens are trying to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. They’re trying to get the place in shape, happy go lucky kids free from adult supervision having sex, drinking beer, and getting high. But the camp has a dark history, 10 years ago a child named Jason Voorhees drowned while the counselors were having sex. A year later, those counselors were murdered and the killer never apprehended. An urban legend grew that it was the ghost of Jason Voohrees who took his revenge for his drowning. The boy was deformed so he wore a hockey mask to hide his ugliness. So while the kids are having fun, a hockey masked killer is picking them off one by one.

But here’s the twist, when the hockey mask comes off we find out it’s not Jason, it’s actually a young woman, one of the counselors. This would be a whodunnit and it would be surprise that someone was trying to make it look like Jason rose from the grave. But why did she do it? Because who she really is, is Pamela Voorhees. See in this story, Pamela Voorhees wouldn’t be an old woman and not even married. In this story, Pamela had Jason when she was 14 and Jason drowned when he was 8 years old and Pamela was 22. 10 years later in our present time, she infiltrated the camp to keep it closed so no child would drown like her little Jason. Doing it this way is that people could still see a hockey masked killer, Pamela would be the killer, and it would be an homage to the series but done in a way where it wouldn’t be obvious. Like, if we saw an old woman in the story you’d be like “oh, she must be Mrs. Voorhees.”

The only problem with this idea is that it might be similar to Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. I mean, I liked that it was a whodunnit, but I hated it because the characters were so bad that you wanted them to die and because it was so badly written. Again, this idea is pretty bold because from what I understand, people hated Part 5 because Jason wasn’t the killer. Again, people like to see Jason, and for some reason people don’t want a Friday the 13th movie without him.

What do you think? Do you think it could work?


I wanna talk about something I like. I love Slashers, but I also Whodunnits. Slashers are cool to see monsters movies about big guys with masks or small guys with scars or unique weapons, real or supernatural monsters killing people. But I love Whodunnits cause I love when it’s a mystery of “who is behind that mask?” Scream is the best example of a Slasher/Whodunit who has succeeded, critically and financially. There have been other Slasher/Whodunits, like Urban Legend 1 and 2, My Bloody Valentine the original and the remake, Prom Night, Terror Train (which I haven’t seen yet), The Town That Dreaded Sundown Reboot, or even Psycho II, which after recently seeing, wasn’t all that bad. There are other Slashers like Friday the 13th or I Know What You Did Last Summer, but those really don’t count, considering that the killer isn’t someone you can guess. I heard that they’re actually remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, maybe it will actually be a whodunnit. I mean, I don’t know the basic plot of the new movie, but it could be same basic principle, teens get into an accident, end up killing someone, cover it up, and then someone starts stalking them saying he knows what they did and killing them one by one. And the best part, the killer is someone you can actually guess. That would be fun to me. I read up on some of the book, found out how it could’ve made both a good slasher and a whodunnit. Everything about it was fine, until we find out the killer wasn’t someone we’ve met prior. Where’s the fun in that? Unfortunately, they’re not gonna make it like the novel, so I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. Point is, I wanna see more Slasher/Whodunnits, they’re more fun that way. I guess I like them so much because I love slashers, and I grew up watching mysteries with my dad. God I miss those days.

My Ranking of Friday the 13th from Best to Worst

I saw an article on the best to worst Friday the 13th movies. I couldn’t comment on it without starting an account. But I already started and I didn’t want it to go to waste and I posted my Friday the 13th script, so what the hell.

1) Original 1st (only because that’s what started it all and I like the originality of it)
2) Part 2 (first time we meet Jason, just wish he had the hockey mask)
3) Reboot (it just seems so simplistic and interesting, but could’ve been better)
4) Freddy vs. Jason (I just really love that movie a lot)
5) Jason Lives (it was okay, didn’t really like Jason being undead)
6) Final Chapter (I like Tommy Jarvis)
7) Part 3 (first time we get the hockey mask)
8) New Blood (didn’t like the telekinesis, but better then the ones below)
9) Takes Manhattan (could’ve had more Jason in New York and just a weak story)
10) X (I only like it because it’s so funny and stupid)
11) Goes to Hell (the body swapping was just dumb. If they had more Jason it probably would’ve been good)
12) New Beginning (not because of no Jason, just because it had the weakest story)

This isn’t complete cause I’m not fully sure myself, but the first 4 are good for sure.

Pamela Voorhees’ Past

I read this comic book a long time ago in the Friday the 13th franchise. It is called Pamela’s Tale, a two issue comic book about how Mrs. Voorhees became the murderous killer we know, that didn’t just start with her son’s drowning. The story begins with Annie, the counselor Mrs. Voorhees picks up in the original, where while she’s driving she tells her life story to Annie, and continues to tell her even after Pamela has killed her.


The story tells that Mrs. Voorhees lived in a trailer park with her abusive husband Elias Voorhees, whose name was take from the planned alternate ending Jason Lives where Elias visits Jason and Pamela’s graves. Pamela was crazy believing her unborn was talking to her, influencing her to kill Elias so that he would never hurt her or her baby again. After murdering her husband, we see her move to Crystal Lake where she became a great cook in a dinner and then was offered to cook at Camp Crystal Lake by the Christies. After accepting the job, she goes into labor and gives birth to her deformed son, Jason. The doctors were repulsed by his appearance, but to her, he was beautiful. Annie gets freaked out when Pamela takes a different route to Crystal Lake, just like in the original where she jumps out of the car and Mrs. Voorhees kills her. She then takes Annie’s body, puts her in the passenger seat, and continues telling the story. We see Jason grow to be 8 years old where the babysitter complains that Jason has been killing small, wild animals. Pamela didn’t want Jason to be around other people feeling like only she can raise him and was hard to watch him and keep her job at the camp. So the Christies offer for Jason to stay at the camp where the counselors can watch him. But we know where that goes. The two counselors, Barry and Claudette leave to have sex in the woods. Jason interrupts and Barry chases him into the lake where he sinks and drowns. Pamela, angered by her son’s death, she takes revenge into her own hands a year later, where she stalks Barry and Claudette, who weren’t even reprimanded for Jason’s death, and kills them both. The two who die in the beginning of the 1st movie. Then we cut back to present time where she finishes telling her story to Annie’s corpse and the story ends with Mrs. Voorhees arriving at the camp where she meets with Alice.


I love this comic book a lot. But there are some continuity errors, if you count all 11 Friday the 13th movies.

For example, Jason had a sister in Jason Goes to Hell, Diana Kimble. The comic book makes no reference to that at all, we didn’t see Mrs. Voorhees give birth to a daughter and Mrs. Voorhees said in the original that Jason was her only child. The only explanation was that Diana was born after Jason by her father Elias Voorhees, but in this comic book, Pamela killed Elias making no way for him to conceive Diana. Either way, the comic book makes no reference to Jason Goes to Hell.

Also, Freddy vs. Jason has  Jason drowning a different way. In Jason’s dream flashback, we see him being bullied by the other kids at Camp Crystal Lake while the counselors are having sex. It even explains why Jason wore a burlap sack in Part 2, because while the kids were bullying him one kid threw a sack over his head and said, “Try this on!” The kids push Jason in the lake and he drowns. Which I feel is a much better drowning of Jason considering that he drowned because Mrs. Voorhees said that the counselors weren’t watching him as opposed to Jason interrupting them having sex and them chasing him into the lake.

Lastly, Mrs. Voorhees is telling her story to Annie while they’re driving, but shouldn’t she be at the camp popping off the other counselors? I mean, she could’ve easily stopped at the camp killing the counselors and got back to the jeep to continue her story to Annie’s corpse. But still, it would’ve been nicer to see her actually doing the killing, I feel like the comic makes it look like she’s been in the jeep throughout the first movie.

Other then those continuity errors,  I think the story is perfect. But I think they could’ve easily have been fixed. I think it would’ve been better if she eloped with her boyfriend Elias Voorhees. But he left her and she had to move back in with her abusive father and she kills him instead. With Elias Voorhees still around, then it would explain Diana being around in Jason Goes to Hell. Change the drowning scene with the same scene from Freddy vs. Jason. Lastly, we should see Mrs. Voorhees killing the counselors at the camp so it doesn’t look like she’s in the jeep with Annie throughout the story.

That’s just what I would’ve done if I wrote this comic book and it would’ve synced more with the other movies.

Friday the 13th Reboot (Again)

I just finished the Friday the 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories, very informative. Which reminds me that Paramount wants to make a, ironically, 13th Jason film, another reboot. I liked the reboot that Michael Bay produced, I liked it a lot but it had it’s problems. For example, way too much sex, even for a Friday the 13th. It had the right idea combining the best elements into one movie, such as Jason’s mother in the opening and Jason starting with the sack mask and then hockey mask. But what really bothered me about the story was it forgot what started the story, the camp setting, the idea of camp counselors trying to reopen a camp that has a huge urban legend behind it. Instead, made Camp Crystal Lake a derelict for Jason set up shop.

Now that they’re doing another one, I’m really hoping they go back to the story of reopening the camp. If I did it, I would set up the story of Jason in present time, and cut back between that and Jason’s mother. Like a Chris Nolan movie. With Alice as the center point, she would be there at the camp with Mama Voorhees, then two years later returning to the camp to face her fears only to encounter the son of the maniac she faced before who wishes to do vengeance on her for killing his mother. The film would be set in present time with Jason, but we’d tell Alice’s encounter with Mama Voorhees in flashbacks. I mean, I don’t know what these writers have planned, I mean, “These kids smoke better dope then I do.” Or do they? That’s just what I would do, I even wrote a little treatment for fun. Though most probably wouldn’t agree with bringing back Mama Voorhees, I just like including her more because people tend to forget that she started it all.

I put together my own Friday the 13th script. This is just what I would’ve done if I wrote a script

Whatever they have planned, I hope to god they don’t do a found-footage. As much as I like found-footage, NO! NO! NO! No found-footage Friday.