Aliens Passing The Torch

The net is a buzz with what the next Alien movie will be with Neill Blomkamp at the helm and the return of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, and possibly Michael Biehn as Hicks. it seems that this movie will be a retcon despite the fact that Blomkamp said he’s “Not gonna undo Alien3 and Alien Resurrection”, he seems to have no love for the two movies and talks about how he wants to be a sequel to only Alien and Aliens. Weaver talks about this to be the end of Ripley, considering that she’s not getting any younger, seems that she wishes to close the book on her for one last time. This will probably be Ripley’s last ride, and maybe Hicks too. But if there’s one thing I know about studios is they like making money, and the only way to do that is with sequels. In my opinion, there’s only one way to continue the franchise without Ripley. If this is a retcon, it means that Newt is still alive too, there is no proof that she’ll be included in this story, but she could still be alive, That’s the idea, maybe after this it is time to pass the torch to another character who can carry on the franchise, a new young female star. And I think that person can be Newt. She’s could be the new star and she’s like a surrogate daughter to Ripley. This has been done before in a comic book series written by comic book turn TV producer Mark Verheiden, his comic series starred Newt, grown up, as the lead alongside Hicks, and eventually Ripley in the 3rd and final book. Unfortunately, after the release of Alien3 the books were reprinted with different names, Newt and Hicks became Billie and Wilks, and the SD Perry novelization said that Ripley was a robot. But the point is, Newt could be the new star and carry on the series for a new generation and I think she can be the new Ripley.

That is what I would do and have been preaching for years.