Bold Friday the 13th Reboot Idea

Currently, I have been working on my own animated Friday the 13th reboot and I love what I’m coming up with, but I actually came up with another idea that I kinda wish to do, but I’m also glad I didn’t do it because it’s pretty bold and I like my current idea more. I conceived it as an idea for a Friday the 13th TV series, season 1 anyway. This is the idea:

Okay, we tell the story in modern times where some young horny teens are trying to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. They’re trying to get the place in shape, happy go lucky kids free from adult supervision having sex, drinking beer, and getting high. But the camp has a dark history, 10 years ago a child named Jason Voorhees drowned while the counselors were having sex. A year later, those counselors were murdered and the killer never apprehended. An urban legend grew that it was the ghost of Jason Voohrees who took his revenge for his drowning. The boy was deformed so he wore a hockey mask to hide his ugliness. So while the kids are having fun, a hockey masked killer is picking them off one by one.

But here’s the twist, when the hockey mask comes off we find out it’s not Jason, it’s actually a young woman, one of the counselors. This would be a whodunnit and it would be surprise that someone was trying to make it look like Jason rose from the grave. But why did she do it? Because who she really is, is Pamela Voorhees. See in this story, Pamela Voorhees wouldn’t be an old woman and not even married. In this story, Pamela had Jason when she was 14 and Jason drowned when he was 8 years old and Pamela was 22. 10 years later in our present time, she infiltrated the camp to keep it closed so no child would drown like her little Jason. Doing it this way is that people could still see a hockey masked killer, Pamela would be the killer, and it would be an homage to the series but done in a way where it wouldn’t be obvious. Like, if we saw an old woman in the story you’d be like “oh, she must be Mrs. Voorhees.”

The only problem with this idea is that it might be similar to Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. I mean, I liked that it was a whodunnit, but I hated it because the characters were so bad that you wanted them to die and because it was so badly written. Again, this idea is pretty bold because from what I understand, people hated Part 5 because Jason wasn’t the killer. Again, people like to see Jason, and for some reason people don’t want a Friday the 13th movie without him.

What do you think? Do you think it could work?


My Ranking of Friday the 13th from Best to Worst

I saw an article on the best to worst Friday the 13th movies. I couldn’t comment on it without starting an account. But I already started and I didn’t want it to go to waste and I posted my Friday the 13th script, so what the hell.

1) Original 1st (only because that’s what started it all and I like the originality of it)
2) Part 2 (first time we meet Jason, just wish he had the hockey mask)
3) Reboot (it just seems so simplistic and interesting, but could’ve been better)
4) Freddy vs. Jason (I just really love that movie a lot)
5) Jason Lives (it was okay, didn’t really like Jason being undead)
6) Final Chapter (I like Tommy Jarvis)
7) Part 3 (first time we get the hockey mask)
8) New Blood (didn’t like the telekinesis, but better then the ones below)
9) Takes Manhattan (could’ve had more Jason in New York and just a weak story)
10) X (I only like it because it’s so funny and stupid)
11) Goes to Hell (the body swapping was just dumb. If they had more Jason it probably would’ve been good)
12) New Beginning (not because of no Jason, just because it had the weakest story)

This isn’t complete cause I’m not fully sure myself, but the first 4 are good for sure.

Friday the 13th Reboot (Again)

I just finished the Friday the 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories, very informative. Which reminds me that Paramount wants to make a, ironically, 13th Jason film, another reboot. I liked the reboot that Michael Bay produced, I liked it a lot but it had it’s problems. For example, way too much sex, even for a Friday the 13th. It had the right idea combining the best elements into one movie, such as Jason’s mother in the opening and Jason starting with the sack mask and then hockey mask. But what really bothered me about the story was it forgot what started the story, the camp setting, the idea of camp counselors trying to reopen a camp that has a huge urban legend behind it. Instead, made Camp Crystal Lake a derelict for Jason set up shop.

Now that they’re doing another one, I’m really hoping they go back to the story of reopening the camp. If I did it, I would set up the story of Jason in present time, and cut back between that and Jason’s mother. Like a Chris Nolan movie. With Alice as the center point, she would be there at the camp with Mama Voorhees, then two years later returning to the camp to face her fears only to encounter the son of the maniac she faced before who wishes to do vengeance on her for killing his mother. The film would be set in present time with Jason, but we’d tell Alice’s encounter with Mama Voorhees in flashbacks. I mean, I don’t know what these writers have planned, I mean, “These kids smoke better dope then I do.” Or do they? That’s just what I would do, I even wrote a little treatment for fun. Though most probably wouldn’t agree with bringing back Mama Voorhees, I just like including her more because people tend to forget that she started it all.

I put together my own Friday the 13th script. This is just what I would’ve done if I wrote a script

Whatever they have planned, I hope to god they don’t do a found-footage. As much as I like found-footage, NO! NO! NO! No found-footage Friday.